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Valentine's Day Postage Stamps!

I present to you the créme de la créme of Valentine's Day Postage Stamps to make your Valentine mailings
all the more beautiful and special!

Each postage stamp has been created by a Zazzle Artist, each stamp's name is mentioned below the stamp followed by the name of the artist's Zazzle store.

Clicking on a Stamp, takes you to its Zazzle page, where you can
i) view the stamp in zoom and change the denomination 'n size of the stamp!
ii) Customize!! yes Customize the stamp with your own greeting, message or text and photo, picture or images!
iii) place an order alongwith any coupon code applicable!

Your orders are processed by Zazzle, and are backed by its exceptional Customer Service, Product & Print Quality and a 30-day money back Guarantee.
Your order automatically gets any applicable Volume discount! Before going for final checkout, do visit the Coupon Center to also get these stamps at a Great Price!

Sweet Tree Stamp - One of Lauren Alexander's original watecolor paintings on watercolor paper.
Sweet Tree
by laurenalexanderart
Love is all around us ... Beach Sand Stamp - Beach love, the fingers of the hands are holding pebbles and sand in the shape of a romantic heart. Wonderful postage stamps for numerous occasions, from wedding & baby showers, to holidays of love such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Customize by adding your own text. For example, customize for anniversary or birthday parties, weddings ( RSVP, You're Invited, Love, Just Married, Thank You, Save the Date ), or just to say 'I love you'.
Love is all around us
by KahunaLuna
Romeo and Juliet (Missing You) Stamp
Romeo and Juliet
by HahpiStuff
Valentine's Day Stamp
Valentine's Day
by mysoriginal
Mermaid Valentine Postage Stamp - Taken from my original painted ACEO created in January of 2010.
by Fairylover17
Girl and Heart Stamp - Original Pencil and Watercolor Painting from Biliana Savova
Girl and Heart
by biliana
Just like Heaven Stamp
Just like Heaven
by heartlocked
Queen of Hearts Fairy - Postage Stamp - An original folk art design by artist Amy Jordan. Enjoy for Valentine's Day or year round use!
Queen of Hearts Fairy
by folkartblonde
Penguin Love - Postage Stamp - Awwww! Art in your mailbox!
Penguin Love
by DudaDaze
The Kiss ~ Cubist LOVE Stamp - Perfect for the contemporary couple! This stamp features original artwork in a cubist style.
The Kiss ~ Cubist Love
by DawnyBelle
'A Clockwork Valentine' Stamp - A cute little fairy girl with brass wings - clutching a clockwork heart. Lots of little steampunk-y details, too. So cute! Getting in the mood for Valentine's Day - this piece could make a wonderful gift for your own valentine! Original acrylic painting by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.
A Clockwork Valentine
by strangeling
The Love Messenger Stamp - Oil Pastel and Acrylic Concept: Ophelia is the love messenger, she hopes to spread some love and kindness to those who cross her path. May love be the guiding force and motivation why we get up every morning and why we do the things that we do. Let love empower our lives :D
The Love Messenger
by udonchow
Love rain down on me. Girl with heart balloon Stamp.
Love rain down on me
by asyrum
Person Holding Heart - Valentine's Day Postage Stamp
Person Holding Heart
by JoniceC
'Love One Another' Postage Stamp - This whimsical Folk Art angel delivers your mail with Love and a Smile! Based on John 15:12 ~ 'Love one another as I have loved you...'
Love One Another
by pholkartblessings
Valentine's Day Damask Hearts Postage Stamp - A pretty damask stamp for all your Valentine's Day cards!
Damask Hearts
by jamiecreates1
Spell It Out Stamp
Spell It Out
by SparetimeGreetings
U Complete Me Stamp
U Complete Me
by lenoirdesigns
The Happy Couple - Postage Stamp - Great stamp for Valentines Day, Wedding or Anniversay cards and invitations... Feel free to personalize with names, dates, or any other text (ex. Happily Ever After, So Happy Together, etc.)
The Happy Couple
by DudaDaze
Red Rose Elegance Stamp - These deep red roses are dramatic and elegant. Timeless symbol of love and passion.
Red Rose Elegance
by SpiceTree_Weddings
Hearts and Swirls Stamp
by samack
Kitty-Cat Sweethearts - Add some love to your postage with these sweetheart kitty-cat stamps!
Kitty-Cat Sweethearts
by Susie_McCaffrey
Heart Stamp - A stamp for Valentine's day or to address mail to the one you love
by nostalgicmiss
Love Stamp - Dainty red swirls with white hearts and butterflies, accented with red roses. Say I love you for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, engagement, wedding, anniversary, etc.
by DRCrafts
'Lovers' Stamp - Valentine's Day, Engagement Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Bridesmaid and Usher Gifts, Great His and Hers!
by MontedoroDesigns
From the Heart - Romantic Postage Stamp
From the Heart
by celebrationZ
Ornamental Heart Stamp - Heart with floral ornamental pattern. Personalize with your own text. Background color can be changed.
Ornamental Heart
by artogram
Antique Love Letter Stamp
Antique Love Letter
by rosaamarilla
Vintage Valentine Postage Stamp - This postage stamp has an endearing vintage design on it and will carry your wishes for a happy Valentine's Day to your favorite valentine. Affix the stamp to a card or use it to send your gift of chocolates!
Vintage Valentine
by lkranieri
Valentines Day Candy Hearts Pink USPS Stamp
Valentines Day Candy Hearts
by leehillerloveadvice
Happy Valentines Day Mailbox Stamp - Also for someone you haven't seen for a long time, someone away at school or college, military personnel stationed far away, someone you left behind while you travel away.
Happy Valentines Day Mailbox
by MarkoMarko
Valentine's Day Heart Stamp - this delightful and bright stamp is not only great for Valentine's day but for any other I love you occasion.
Valentine's Day Heart
by first_class_mail
Valentine's Day Stamp - Make the card you send just a little more Special
Valentine's Day
Fat Cat and Hearts Valentine's Day Postage Stamp - This stamp is adapted from an orginal painting by Lisa Corby. This fun fat cat says be mine!
Fat Cat and Hearts
by corbyscats
Blue Valentine's Lion Stamp
Blue Valentine's Lion
by HahpiStuff
Valentine's Day Stamp - Make the card you send just a little more Special
Be Mine
Cat with Heart Postage Stamp - Black and white cat holding a heart shaped pillow for that extra special person in your life. Warm the heart of any cat enthusiast. Use it to brighten up invitations or other special occasion mailings like Valentine's Day.
Cat with Heart
by LisaMarieArt
Be My Valentine Stamp
Be My Valentine
by MarkoMarko
Moonlight... Stamp
by ArattaUna
Love cats Stamp - Two cats in love under a full moon and a starry sky.
Love cats
by Annaart
Love and Hearts Postage Stamp - Fun design of the word LOVE surrounded by red and pink hearts and flowers. Perfect for Valentine's Day or Everyday!
Love and Hearts
by SBeise
Panes of Love Stamp - Sprinkle your Valentines, Wedding Events, Anniversaries, or Just Because Cards with four panes of LOVE.
Panes of Love
by connieszazzle
Square LOVE Postage Stamp - This stamp sends a loving sentiment on all of your correspondence during the month of love.
Square Love
by Be_My_Valentine
Create Your Own Custom Stamp / Postage!! - Create Your Own Valentine's Day Postage / Wedding Postage / Christmas Postage / Pet Postage / Baby Postage / Custom Postage!!
Create Your Own
Custom Stamp / Postage!!

One small tip : if you like the artwork present on a stamp, and would like to have that artwork on a card or on a poster
or on any another product -> In this case visit the artist's Zazzle store
(click on the artists's Zazzle store name, this'll take you to the artist's Zazzle store)
and in all probability you'll find the product of your choice with that artwork there!

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