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Valentine's Day Magnets!

I present to you the cutest Valentines Day Love Magnets to help make this Valentine, 'special' for you!

Each magnet has been designed by a Zazzle Artist, each magnet's name is mentioned below the magnet followed by the name of the artist's Zazzle store.

Clicking on a magnet, takes you to its Zazzle page, where you can
i) view the magnet in zoom and change the shape 'n size of the magnet!
ii) Customize!! yes Customize the magnet with your own greeting / message and photo / picture!
iii) place an order alongwith any coupon code applicable! even ship the magnet directly to the recipient!

Your orders are processed by Zazzle, and are backed by its exceptional Customer Service, Product & Print Quality and a 30-day money back Guarantee.
Your order automatically gets any applicable Volume discount! Before going for final checkout, do visit the Coupon Center to also get these magnets at a Great Price!

Fish Couple with Lily Pads Magnet
Fish Couple
by hallmarkeveryday
Quilted Hearts Magnet
Quilted Hearts
by valentinetshirts
Love Owls Magnet - For those 'hoo' you love. Perfect for Valentine's Day or any day!
Love Owls
by candystore
Love Cats Magnet - Nothing sweeter than two tabbies in love!
Love Cats
by kilkennycat
Two Dear Little Elephants Love Links Magnet
Elephant Love Links
by karin_taylor_zazzle
Love Magnet
Love Magnet
Love is Ageless Magnet - Vintage Typewriter 'I Love You'
Love is Ageless
by LovesMe_LovesMeNot
The Love Shack Square Magnet
The Love Shack
by bwmedia
Valentine Romantic Hearts Magnet
Valentine Romantic Hearts
by ggbythebay
Pink confetti hearts abstract design Magnet
Pink Hearts
by prawny
Heart Love Magnet - A symbol of love is a heart. This heart is placed on a background of lace with a floral design for Valentine's Day.
Heart Love
by LorrieM
Valentine Magnet - Vintage image
Vintage Valentine
by artbymar
I Love You Bouquet Magnet - Show your love with this romantic, passionate pink love bouquet design!
I Love You Bouquet
by tshirtdujour
I Love You Magnet
I Love You
by prawny
Chosen One Magnet - A Dutch boy and girl picking flowers, the boy has chosen one for his friend.
Chosen One
by henrytheartist
Valentine Hearts Magnet - Romantic Hearts - I Love You!
Valentine Hearts
by ggbythebay
You're the sugar in my tea! - Magnet - Art on the fridge!
You're the sugar in my tea!
by DudaDaze
Loving Birds Magnet
Loving Birds
Love in the Surf Magnet - A vintage love and romance image with a young couple sharing an embrace under a wave at the beach.
Love in the Surf
by YesterdayCafe
Love is in the air - Square Magnet - Ahhhhh! Love! - Will make you smile each time you open the fridge. An inexpensive little Valentine.
Love is in the air!
by DudaDaze
You and me - Square Magnet - A loving young couple embrace sweetly.
You and me
by kasei_lee
Valentine's Love Nest Magnet
Valentine's Love Nest
by MindDesignGrafx
Be Mine - Love Magnet
Be Mine
Bee Mine Magnet
Bee Mine
by screwballgraphics
I Love You Cats Plain Magnet - Red, white and pink modern graphic style cat themed Valentine magnet. Perfect small love token to give to your partner on Valentine's Day. 2 white and pink cats holding tails. They have huge grins and a flurry of hearts floating upwards. Valentine Designs by Lisa Marie Robinson.
I Love You Cats
by LisaMarieDesign
Lullaby Magnet - Lullaby... a girl floating over the clouds. She just woke up at dawn, took a look at the beautiful moonlight and decided to drift up in the sky, with a bunch of balloons, flying free with the wind, with no way in mind...
by sandygrafik
Owl's hatch Magnet - Give the gift of love! This lovely owl!
Owl's hatch
by sandygrafik
LoveCats - Magnet - Kitty love under the stars...
by gabycat
Panda Love Tree Magnet - Watercolor by Andrea C.
Panda Love Tree
by papersparrow
Create Your Own Square or Round Custom Magnet! Show off your Favorite Photos, Designs and Sayings or Create a Unique 'n Special Gift for someone Special! and Friends 'n Family! Perfect for Valentine's Day Gift, Baby Announcements, Save-the-Date Reminders, Gifts for Family and Friends, or even great Promotional Advertisements for any business. Stick them on your Fridge, File Cabinet, Dishwasher, or your own favorite metal surface!
Create Your Own Square
or Round Custom Magnet!
Create Your Own Square or Round Custom Button! Show off your Favorite Photos, Designs, Logos, Slogan, Phrases and Sayings or Create a Unique 'n Special Gift for someone Special! and Friends 'n Family! Don't keep it all Buttoned up Inside - express yourself with Custom Buttons! Create your own Flair with these Custom Buttons! Perfect for Campaigns, Parties, Rallies, Reunions, Weddings, Birthdays, Valentine's Day Gift and more.
Create Your Own Square
or Round Custom Button!
Create Your Own Photo Sculptures!!  Add your Own Photo and turn your Favorite Photo or Portrait into a Special Keepsake. Your Photo will be Cut Out from durable acrylic to Create a One-of-a-Kind Gift. You may Choose 5 forms : a Sculpture with Stand, Magnet, Pin, Ornament, or Keychain.
Create Your Own
Photo Sculptures!!

One small tip : if you like the artwork present on a magnet, but would like to have that artwork on a poster or a card
or on any another product -> In this case visit the artist's Zazzle store
(click on the artists's Zazzle store name, this'll take you to the artist's Zazzle store)
and in all probability you'll find the product of your choice with that artwork there!

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